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My Next Cooking Demonstration is at Bogaty Winery, 35246 Harry Byrd Hwy, Round Hill, Virginia. 

Saturday, June 16th @ 12:00

                      Shrimp Spring Rolls

Future Demos


June 17                Otium Cellars

                               18050 Tranquility Rd.  Purcellville


June 24                Twin Oaks Winery

                               18035 Raven Rocks Rd.  Bluemont

June 30                Twin Oaks Winery

                               18035 Raven Rocks Rd.  Bluemont

July 1                    The Wine Reserve

                                38516 Charlestown  Pike  Waterford

Sept. 8                   Bogarty Vineyard

                                35246 Harry Byrd Highway Round Hill




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Larry Reynolds, Leader of Greenbriar Seisiun

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