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Here is some information about Peter Jee:

Peter Jee was originally from New York City.  While attending Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, he worked in various Chinese restaurants in  New York and New Jersey.  After graduation with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1980, he started working in for Raytheon Company in Massachusetts.  While in Massachusetts, he has worked for Spinazolla's Restaurant (Gourmet Italian) in Framingham and for Harry's Restaurant (Diner) in Westboro.

In 1985, Peter Jee realized that high quality Chinese food was extremely hard to find and many times non-existent in the area.  Therefore, he decided to start a catering service that provides traditional Chinese cuisine with high quality ingredients, the kind that ones needs to search the markets in Chinatown and the Boston area for.  Just about all his clients have come to appreciate the freshness and natural flavors this method produces.  He has catered parties in the Boston area, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, and Worcester areas.  Also, he has been offering catered parties to help fundraise for worthwhile causes:  WGBH (Public TV), cancer research, arts groups, and church groups.

During the mid 1990's, Peter Jee studied photography at the New England School of Photography.  He specializes in Wedding, Family, and Special Event Photography.  He had worked for Primeshots.com, a national agency, which contracts photographers for wedding and special events.  His other photographic interest is in Black and White.  He makes custom Black and White prints for his clients.  Nowadays, his photographic interests has moved to shooting musical events and musicians themselves.  Many of his images has been used for websites and event documentation.

In 2011, Peter left Massachusett for a position as Applicaitons Engineer for Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions in Ashburn, VA.  Presently, he has been demonstrating his Chinese Cuisine at the Purcellvile Community Farmers Market in Purcellville, VA on most Saturday mornings.  The demonstrations are intended to encourage the use of fresh market ingredients and his recipes, which are shared with the participants.

For 2015, he will be starting a Chinese Cooking Program for people interested in learning Chinese Cuisine.  He will be sharing his experience in the restaurant and catering business, including his personal research to food lovers in Northern Virginia.  Most classes will be held in his home in Hamilton, Virginia.

In his spare time, he continues to research and perfect new techniques in Chinese cuisine as well as other styles.  Also, he is a practitioner of the Chinese martial art called Bagua.